will take on all the functions of the marketing department of your company. We do not just build a marketing system, but become a part of your team. We are the will of the Universe experts gathered in one place in different directions, but united by a common goal - to be the best in our industry and to be useful to other people. For us there are no impossible tasks, modest budgets or “not interesting” projects.


We are ready to implement the most complex and ambitious tasks, because we have gathered the best specialists in the field of marketing, advertising and PR, experienced designers, web developers and analysts.


We know and use the best marketing practices that bring effective results to our customers.

What do we offer

To effectively solve your goals and objectives, we will offer you the best option for cooperation:

Outsourcing Marketing Department

Our team will integrate into your company and will take care of all marketing, advertising and PR tasks. We can work independently, having received a task from you and providing you with reports at all stages of implementation, or actively involving you in development - as you wish! We will not ask you to fill out multi-page technical tasks, because our task is to free up your time for GREAT affairs.

Project management

For companies that do not need full marketing support, but there is a need to solve specific problems, we offer to use the services of our many specialists. It is with great pleasure that we take up the implementation of your ambitious projects, whether it is organizing an event, publishing a corporate magazine or launching a spaceship. We know the advertising market well, we use only effective tools and we can offer favorable market conditions.

Work with an existing marketing department

Reading our offer, a full-time marketer might think that we want to completely replace its functionality. This is not true! Our company will become an “assistant” and will take on the bulk of the current tasks, thereby freeing up time for global strategic projects.

Consulting services

If your eye is “blurred”, and your hands “itch” to do something like that - soon to us! Every day we generate a lot of SUPER ideas, and we are ready to share them with you!


“We see a speck in the wrong eye, we don’t notice in our log.” We will provide you with an outside view and tell you what needs to be fixed so that your advertising materials become even better.

1 Cost optimization

Advertising outsourcing will cost much less to the company's budget than the content of its own advertising department. No need to pay salaries to several employees, pay taxes and deductions to various funds.

2 Experience

We have many years of experience in conducting marketing, advertising and PR campaigns of varying complexity.

3 Synergy (whole team)

A whole team of the best specialists in marketing and advertising, design, copywriting, Internet technologies and other specialists will work on your tasks.

4 Complex approach

You get comprehensive marketing support from a single source and at a professional level.

What are we doing

and creation of
WEB resources
Targeting and teaser advertising on social networks
Google context advertising
Email Marketing
Reputation Marketing
and WEB Design
Photo and video

Tariff Plans

The cost of services depends on the complexity of your tasks.

Your personal marketer

This is a super person who, with an expert eye, will assess the state of affairs of the Company, identify bottlenecks / inefficient tools and offer options for attracting customers and increasing profits. This type of cooperation is necessary for those organizations that do not have a specialist in advertising and marketing, but really want to get it without unnecessary expenses for organizing a workplace, paying taxes and other government levies.

from 1 500 $

Our specialist is your specialist

In case your company already has a full-time marketer, but goals, objectives and strategy require other specialists (web developer, designer, copywriter, etc.), then we can offer you the people you have been looking for for so long. We will equip your team with professionals.
At the same time, the savings from this solution will be more than half the price of the necessary specialists in the state, and the results will speak for themselves.

from 3 000 $

Shock marketing

Exactly and no other way! For the advertising and marketing of your Company, the whole team of our specialists, like a fist breaking through a ossified system, ineffective tools, unprofitable approaches and ineffective advertising efforts, takes priority as a priority! This tariff plan is suitable for those companies that want to have a full-fledged marketing department, including a specialist in marketing, advertising and PR, a designer, a web developer, a copywriter, and other specialized specialists.

from 9 000 $.

The cost of services for one-time and other works (design, web development, copywriting, etc.) is determined based on the goals, objectives and volumes.